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Renée Galmiche has been rewarded by Delices and Gourmandises for her commitment : she received a flat-screen TV

Our traditional family meetings take place every Friday night at our father’s house. During these moments, some like playing cards and dominoes, and others prefer watching TV or discuss about the news. Also, we got accustomed to eating plates of sweets and delicacies treats bought from Delices and Gourmandises’ online store.

Délices et Gourmandises, our favorite confectionner

I tasted for the first time the products of Delices and Gourmandises at my hair salon. One day, my assigned hairdresser was not yet arrived, so one of his assistants served me a candy tray and some magazines to make me wait. It was so delicious that I could not help asking him where these sweets were bought from. I was so surprised when he told me that their boss orders then on an online store.

Once home, my chor...

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Délices et Gourmandises offered Jocelyne the opportunity to realize her dream of visiting Asia

Every weekend, my children and grandchildren come to visit me, and for breakfast or tea time, we are used to the pastries and appetizers I buy online on Délices et Gourmandises’ store. From my very first order, it has given me full satisfaction and I quickly became a regular client to please everybody.

Délices et Gourmandises’ sweets are healthy

As I was suffering from weight problems, my doctor had forbidden me sweets for a while, which deeply frustrated me because I was fond of it! Once they were allowed back in my diet, however in moderation, I had to find an alternative to get me healthy products.

While searching for recipes on the Internet, I came across Délices et Gourmandises’ website and thought “this is the solution! ” The wide selection of pastries and sweets displayed in ...

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