Délices et Gourmandises offered Jocelyne the opportunity to realize her dream of visiting Asia

Every weekend, my children and grandchildren come to visit me, and for breakfast or tea time, we are used to the pastries and appetizers I buy online on Délices et Gourmandises’ store. From my very first order, it has given me full satisfaction and I quickly became a regular client to please everybody.

Délices et Gourmandises’ sweets are healthy

As I was suffering from weight problems, my doctor had forbidden me sweets for a while, which deeply frustrated me because I was fond of it! Once they were allowed back in my diet, however in moderation, I had to find an alternative to get me healthy products.

While searching for recipes on the Internet, I came across Délices et Gourmandises’ website and thought “this is the solution! ” The wide selection of pastries and sweets displayed in the catalog perfectly matched my needs for breakfast, dessert ad snack or tea time. Chocolates, candies, cookies, cakes, I had a great choice to please the whole family during their weekly visit.

Efficient order processing

I was quite worried and reluctant about mail order because of all the piracy problems, but Délices et Gourmandises never disappointed me. My orders are delivered as promised, and it’s so easy to order! All I have to do is choose what I want the catalog, confirm the order and pay directly by credit card to speed up the delivery. I received my order within two days, in perfect condition.

With Délices et Gourmandises, I finally had the chance to see Great Wall of China, my dream came true

Early in July, I found in my mailbox a letter informing me that Délices et Gourmandises rewarded for my loyalty with a $ 9,000 USD check. It would be an understatement to say that it was a great surprise.

Can you believe it? My greed just brought me the best gift ever, as I was finally able to afford a trip to Asia and walk on the Great Wall of China. I am really thankful to the team for this wonderful gift.

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